illumi stopovers

Find all the information you need for illumi’s service areas.

Visit the illumi Big Top or one of our illumi Stopovers for a bite to eat, to shop or to warm up with one of our delicious hot drinks.

the tree bar

Warm up with one of our delicious hot drinks under our majestic tree of lights.

Presented by:

Food truck

Sweet or salty? Treat yourself to our food truck partners who will surprise your taste buds.

Ice Cream &
Bubble Tea

Treat yourself to a delicious ice cream or iced Bubble Tea directly on the illumi course.

ArchibaldLa cabane à ChichisLaiterie CoaticookStella ArtoisEskaPepsiDistillerie Vent du Nord

illumi is proud to be associated with Centropolis and its renowned restaurateurs who will gladly serve you before or after your illumi experience. Click here for some tempting suggestions.

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